12 important youtube earning tips 2024

YouTube Invalid Traffic: How to Increase Revenue

1. Click Fraud

Create compelling thumbnails and titles that accurately represent your content to attract viewers genuinely interested in your videos.

2. Concentrate on promoting your videos to the people who will watch them; use social media and other channels to get real views.


Encourage your viewers to leave comments, share your videos, and engage naturally. Build a community around your content.



4. Proxy Traffic

Focus on content that resonates with your target audience, leading to organic views from relevant regions.

Invest in partnerships and ethical marketing techniques to develop your audience naturally.

5. Paid Views from Unapproved Sources:

Build a loyal audience by consistently delivering valuable and genuine content. Avoid shortcuts that compromise your channel's integrity.



Content Scraping:

Put your energy into producing unique content that distinguishes your channel. Notify YouTube of any unapproved usage of your videos.




Make sure the titles and thumbnails appropriately convey the content. Keep your word to win back the trust of the audience.

Encourage viewers to interact with ads genuinely. Avoid any tactics that artificially boost ad engagement.


Make sure your content speaks to real viewers. Genuine connections result in long-term development.


Give creating a community around your content top priority. Real interactions and views are worth more than numbers that have been manipulated.


12. Let your audience find your content on its own. Use respectable techniques to advertise your videos.

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